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When you have to do your own family photos...

Hey ya'll!

So, I had to change my website around because my blog wasn't loading right on my previous site and of course the host I chose has basically no customer service to help. I mean, I love designing new things but a new website definitely wasn't in my list of to-do items this month! I thought I'd christen my new website / blog with some of my own personal family photos! Who took them, you ask? Well, being a photographer it's kinda hard to organize your own family session so I got the bright idea one day to toss my MIL my camera and let her snap away! This was, of course, after we wasted 15 minutes of light turning around to run home after I forgot my fake eyelashes. Don't judge, you know you would too! Anyhow... my MIL did a great job!! But, notice... the very first photo on display here is 110% my daily life! Everyone always says, "you're a photographer, your kids are probably perfect little smilers!" hahaha...haha...hah..ha... YEEAHHH K. I'm pretty sure I heard " I DONE WIKE IT" aka "I don't like it" about 50 times in the 10 minute time span these photos took place. But, nonetheless, they really did turn out pretty!

I always tell clients to just embrace the norm with their sessions. Sometimes your little ones don't exactly cooperate and that's ok! Things may not always go as planned but you still end up with some pretty great shots. <3

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