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It's all in the details...

When we are booked for a wedding, we always like to show up a little early while it's still quiet, before the guests arrive and get some shots that the bride and groom can reminisce over. On your wedding day, it can be hard to take in all those details that you worked SO UNBELIEVABLY hard to plan. You cruise past the decorations nodding your head that they look okay but you don't really get to enjoy them in the hustle and bustle that is your big day. I've always believed in getting the details but after my own wedding...I believe in it even more. I worked so hard to meticulously plan every last detail and thought I'd be right there to help everyone in setting it all up...WAS I WRONG! It FLEW past...I mean flew. If I didn't have an amazing photographer myself, I would have likely missed out on the beauty I was surrounded by. We also like to get these shots because if our couple is doing an album - they make great page backgrounds!

On your wedding day the old saying couldn't be more true... it really IS all in the details... <3 <3

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