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Grace's 10th Birthday Session!

I've known Grace's amazing family for quite some time now. I knew Grace when she was an only child and now she has TWO little sisters! To be able to watch all these girls grow has been such a privilege. Grace's mom wanted to do something special for her since it was her 10th birthday - just for her, by herself! So we decided to do a glitter session - along with some cactus backdrop shots since that was the theme of her party. I should have included the photo in this post of the glitter, confetti and sequins her mom sent me a couple days prior. Pretty sure Pat Catan's entire glitter stock was bought! But guys, let me tell you how much FUN this session was!! To let a little girl BE a little girl and play in the glitter was a BLAST to photograph and the shots turned out ah-ma-zing!

For anyone thinking of booking a glitter session, LET'S DO IT!! The benefits FAR outweigh the cleaning!

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